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we are agents of change, a collective of authors, entertainers & producers doing our part to raise awareness, educate and transform climate change.

Hearts That Care

On April 22, 1970, a record shattering 20 million people gathered in the streets of the United States to acknowledge that our planet earth was experiencing the dire consequences of over a hundred years of unchecked industrialization.  We are concerned that there isn’t enough of a collective effort to make the changes needed to secure the future of our future generations.

Hearts that, is doing their part to raise awareness to the most important conversation of our generation. The climate crisis is real! “The climate change is a real and immediate threat to millions of people. The consequences are already visible on populations weakened by conflicts, displacements, tensions over available resources. Fighting against climate change is limiting the impact of humanitarian crises”.

having a plan feels good.

Reducing our carbon footprint starts at home. If 7 billion people each day do something, doing something is better than doing nothing, than we can make a difference.<br /> By 2080, if no serious action is taken, 200 million people will suffer from undernutrition, directly related to land and environment degradation.

reducing our carbon footprint starts at home

We can avert the impending disaster if we take 5 simple, effective measures right now to reduce, reuse and recycle so that future generations, our children and their children, will have a healthy, sustainable global biosphere upon which to play and lead lives of productivity and be conscientious stewards of all we have been given in creation. At current rates, climate change will have devastating consequences on the availability and quality of water resources. Changes in temperature, rainfall and humidity influence the prevalence of vector-borne diseases.<br /> WHO estimates that nearly 2 billion people will be exposed to dengue by 2080 and expects 250,000 additional deaths, due to the combined effects of malnutrition, malaria, diarrhea and stress heat between 2030 and 2050.

We may be coming to the end of all certainty about our long-term existence on the planet. And this change dwarfs almost every event in human history. We can't avoid living with the consequences of that now…. We are certainly no longer secure.

Most societies can't even meet the most basic human needs – for shelter, food, and health care for all. And our way of life? In truth it could be the single largest factor in the violent disruption of nature all over the planet. We are no longer secure.

For several hundred years we have believed that nature was nothing but a complex mechanism, a machine whose secrets we would one day unlock. And we humans were the ``lords of nature,`` we thought, destined to control this cosmic factory. We extended our search into the very heart of matter, the atom, and smashed it. But we finally saw that we were wrong. Atoms are not solid after all, nature is not a machine, and the universe can't be divided and dissected without the gravest of consequences.